We are not separate from nature.

At Coral Tribe, we realise that the human is not at the top of the pyramid. That in fact, we are highly interdependent with our ecosystem and habitat.

As earth and its many species fade, so do we…

This is why the substance of what we produce and how it is executed is of upmost importance to us. All our clothes are made with quality organic and recycled materials. More so, we work with on-demand production, which means that when you order products from us, they are produced just for you, and hence there is no stock waste. Lastly, all Co2 emissions generated from shipping are offset.

10 Mangroves planted per Item ordered.

For our collection, each item will fund the planting of mangroves across Costa Rica, the Philippines, India, Haiti & Guatemala. Mangroves are crucial to the health of our planet, stabilising coastlines, improving water quality and storing 5-10 times more carbon than land ecosystems.

Ultimately, we are always looking to improve the way we do things; being resourceful and taking risks at the right times to move forwards.

This first collection represents a foundation that we can build upon. Support the flow. Keep reviving the wild.